Specialists in release coatings for New Zealand's food service industry

Thermo Polycoating are the only company to call if you need release or non-stick coatings for your catering industry equipment. In their factory they can apply any coating you might need to ensure your catering products are long-lasting and hygienic.

They also have an in-house sand-blasting shop that can restore your metal back to pristine condition. To ensure your product stays rust-free they can then apply your coating of choice. They even have a zinc arc spray, which applies a thick layer of zinc to steel.

Plastic coatings

plastic coatings in New Zealand
To ensure your product's surface maintains its superb finish for as long as possible, Thermo Polycoating provides protective coating. A top quality protective coating means a more durable surface; therefore, less wear and tear and less money on repairs in the long run!

Sand Blasting

Machine mounted metal object blasting and coating
Sand blast cleaning is a very powerful form of heavy duty cleaning. It can be used to effectively remove rust and paint from metal surfaces bringing them back to a clean finish, ready to be re-painted. In our shop we can blast any metal object back to perfection.

Industrial Painting

Rilsan coatings applied to metal fittings
Your freshly prepared and rust-free metal object needs to be coated to stay that way in the long run. We are experts in applying two-part epoxy paint systems that will extend the life of your steel beams, hand rails, balustrades, or any other metal object.
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